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Purchase Now! Unlock additional paddles, backgrounds and other secrets!

Not just another pong game. This is the future of pong sport. Blood Pong brings you a new concept of ball chasing fun. Not only can you smack the ball around, but you can kick your opponents butt with special combat moves.

Blood Pong adds Kombat action to a proven game. There are dozens of pong games, but not one that allows you to rip your opponent in half! Blood Pong takes the classic game of yesteryear and adds a whole new dimension of Kung-Fu Fighting action. Packed with power moves and fierce blows, Blood Pong is guaranteed to bring out the Bruce Lee in you!


  • 12 Paddle characters with their own special signature moves
  • One and Two player modes
  • Finish off your opponent after defeating them!
  • 4 Additional secret characters hidden in the game!
  • And many more hidden secrets!

Macintosh System Requirements
Mac OS 9.x, 10.x
At least 64 MB RAM